By Carl Sanger

The Art Dump is the name tagged to a group of like-minded creative misfits who work under the same flat roof in Torrance, California. They are, essentially, the Girl Skateboard Company full-time art department. The veteran, Andy Jenkins (Bend Press) uses his title as art director loosely. He considers the crew a co-op and lets it operate that way, though each artist does have a brand or specific "chores" they are responsible for. Example? Andy Mueller (The Quiet Life & Ohio Girl) is the creative mind behind Lakai Footwear, and Jordan Mitchell makes sure Royal has an identity. Chicago transplant, Michael Coleman (Foundation Projects) and Desert Twin, Eric Anthony, join forces to take care of all the art duties of the Fourstar line. The Japanese born, Misato Suzuki (A Little Painter), is a very talented painter who takes care of the graphic duties at Ruby Republic with along with Megan Baltimore (Ruby Republic).

That is the simplest way you can break down the Art Dump, though it's not really that simple, for each of these people has a myriad of interests, talents and mediums. As a group, and individually, they work in both commercial and non-commercial worlds. Sometimes these worlds collide and that is where the Art Dump's collaborative projects exist -- amidst the rubble and question marks of a crash site of graphics and fine art.

There are others who flow in and out of the Dump, offering their own abilities from time to time and working in the collaborative environment with the core group. Include the following creatives on that list; Spike Jonze, Evan Hecox, Lori Damiano, Thomas Campbell, Chris Waycott, Jeremy Carnahan, Hershel Baltrosky, Christian Morin, Rick McCrank, Brian Anderson, Marc Johnson, Brad Staba, Andrew Pommier, Edith Abeyta, and Shae Johnson...

Alumnus of the Art Dump include: Tony Larson, Geoff McFettridge, Kevin Lyons, Michael Leon, Rob Abeyta jr., Johannes Gamble, Bucky Fukumoto and Bob Kronbauer.